Join the Movement to ACTION 

Success Activator System – Benefits & Levels.


  Get an Activator (Coach++) to Ensure Your Success  (invest in yourself & ENSURE your future)


  1. Intention 1:  NeedWantology – help people uncover their real  needs, wants, hopes and dreams
  2. Intention 2: Clarify Focus and ENDS Goals
  3. Intention 3: Design Smart Action Plan to:
  • Reduce debt
  • Increase income
  • Build Psychological Capital: Leadership, Resilience, Happiness, Health & Hope
  • Build self esteem, self confidence  & efficacy
  • Clarify goals & Focus
  1. Intention 4: Coach  and Activate Massive Focused Action & Achievement



Learn to Coach/Become a Results Activator


  1. a.       Nibble Knowledge to learn to be an  Success Activator!
  2. b.      Learn from your Success Activator!

               i.      Incremental Activator & Coach Training

  1. Video
  2. Audio
  3. Print

ii.      Success Activator! Workshops & Development Sessions

  1. c.       60 sessions of Nibble Knowledge Education

i.      Certificate of Completion



Be an Success ACTIVATOR!

  1. a.       Pay it Forward – Become an Success Activator & Coach
  2. Take on your own clients
  3. Earn from Success Activator,  Coaching and Success Ensurance



Levels of The Success Activators and The Success Activator System

  • Adventurer - free trial
  • Apprentice – Coachee Activator
  • Aspirer – Successful Achiever & Student Activator
  • Achiever – TAA Certified Successful Activator
  • Advocate  - Coach to Activate & Coach/Presenters
  • Activator – Full Successful Results Activator Accreditation
  • Alchemist – Master Activator & Facilitator/Speaker

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