Napoleon Hill's & Tony Dovale's Principles For Activating Greater Personal Success and Achievement

Everyone wants more Success. Depending upon your MINDSET, you control what you see, feel or hear as "success."

For some it's fame and wealth. For others, it's making a real difference in the world. And for others, it may be peace, health, love, meaning, and joy.

Napoleon Hill was a great Mind and left a potent legacy of wisdom for ensuring success. Use these insights below to give you a guide in making decisions, creating goals and plans and living your day to day life. Remember...Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

Wisdom #1: Definiteness of Purpose - Where are you aiming and going to - and why

Clarity of mindset and Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Without a purpose, and a plan, people drift aimlessly throughout their lives.

Wisdom #2:  Build a Team Mastermind Alliance

Team work can make your dream work...The Mastermind teamworking wisdom says ... it is better to have two or more minds working and collaborating in alignment, and focusing on, a common goal. Great success seldom comes to a solopreneur, without the support and help of others. Ask me - i have been a lonely solopreneur many times...

Wisdom #3: Applied Faith and Hope.

Without Hope, nothing really matters...Faith is your state of mind, which creates the conditions for your goals, hopes, dreams, and plans can be actioned and created into a visible or experienced reality.

Wisdom #4: Going the Extra Mile shows commitment, care and character.

When you go the extra mile, the Law of Compensation comes into play.  Going the extra mile is the action of rendering more and better service than that for which you are presently paid. When you go the extra mile, the Law of Compensation comes into play.

Wisdom #5: Friendly, and positively engaging personality

People buy from people they know, like and trust...Your personality is the total of your Mindset, attitude, mindset, Identity, physical traits, and habits. It a large factor that controls whether you are liked or disliked.

Wisdom #6:  Taking The Initiative and Completion of projects

Initiative is the power and actions that inspires and fuels the beginning of taking action on your hopes, dreams and plans.It is the power that starts all action.  Freedom will only come from your taking action towards a desired result. and more importantly COMPLETING your ACTION PLAN.

Wisdom #7: Positive Mental Attitude and Resilience

Being positive is a good start. Being positive until your reach your goals is the secret.  This require resilience. the power to keep on going, even when you feel like giving up.Success attracts more success while failure attracts more failure.

Wisdom #8: Energy and Enthusiasm

Energy is required for ALL endeavors and Enthusiasm is the approach that shows belief and faith in action. It is the intense energetic momentum created by positive, proactive movement forward, with a smile and excitement. It starts within, and radiates outwards, in the expression of your presence, voice and actions.

Wisdom #9: Discipline is No#1

Discipline is the no#1 quality of wealthy people. Inner and outer discipline and control matter. to control your needs and wants, you must control and manage your thinking and thoughts.
discipline begins with the mastery of Self. Self-discipline calls for a balancing of the emotions of your heart with the reasoning faculty of your head. It calls on willpower, which is a depletable resource, so use it wisely.

Wisdom #10:  Stop the Stinking Thinking

Managing your thinking, thoughts and their focus is vital. Keeping your thinking clear can be challenging if you are confused, unclear unfocused and undisciplined,. Your thoughts are the seeds of all of your success, Sow and nurture then daily to ensure a brighter future and real success that makes your Soul sing.

 Wisdom #11: Teamwork makes the dream work quicker

Teamwork is a positive group, aligned on a common vision, goal, with COMPLEMENTARY skills and resources, Harmonious cooperation is the foundation of greater satisfaction, fun and success for all involved.

Wisdom #13: Adversity Builds Mental Muscles

Fail forward fast if you really want to be successful. Failure is an opportunity to learn whats working and whats not, then make new smarter decisions.  Most wealthy people have "Failed" more than 5-8 times before they found the right formula to ensure real . A failure is temporary, giving up is being defeated. by yourself - and often permanent, creating deeper levels of learned helplessness.

Wisdom #14: Creative Vision

Creative vision is developed by the free and fearless use of one’s imagination. It is not a miraculous quality with which one is gifted or is not gifted at birth.

Wisdom #15: Health

Sound health begins with a sound health consciousness, just as financial success begins with a prosperity consciousness.

Wisdom #16: Budgeting Time & Money

Time and money are precious resources, and few people striving for success ever believe they possess either one in excess.

Wisdom #17: Habits

Developing and establishing positive habits leads to peace of mind, health and financial security. You are where you are because of your established habits and thoughts and deeds.

Wisdom#18:  SWIFT Actions

[Tony Dovale]  SWIFT ACTION IS THE best approach to getting yourself to shift and bridge the knowing to doing gap.

Wisdom#19: Fierce Focus

[Tony Dovale] FIERCE focus is required to ensure your energy, actions and intentions, move you irrevocably forwards towards your daily goals.

Wisdom #20 Means Goals Vs Ends Goals

[Tony Dovale] Make sure you focus on Ends Goals (Integrity, Freedom, Love, Meaning, Abundance, Peace and Joy - FEELINGS) as opposed to MEANS goals - (STUFF - cars, clothes, jewellery, etc.)


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