1 Minute Wisdom from a Black Cards Books Instant Author Boot Camp attendee -Ebo Quagraine

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Tony,  I watched you speak at PABGR programme this weekend and found much value in your teachings. I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

  • Your calm demeanor, made you more believable
  • Your silent confidence made you the go to guy


it's my hope to learn from you given the chance.  Equally, i asked my friends, what was it that got many people running to sign at your table when your price was over 10x that of the first guy who indicated that, he had raised the needed funds in 2 days.


Primary Wisdom Gained....

1. If you don't take yourself serious, no one will.
2. Deciding to do something, Is not same as getting up and actually doing it.
3. You can be motivated and Inspired but if you don't take action ( activate) you well remain in your same position

Thanks Ebo - Now it's time for FIERCE FOCUS and SWIFT ACTION...

Ensure Greater Success starting today with TONy dovale of www.lifemasters.co.za fame.



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