CLEARx HighPerformance Process and Team Programmes

All Life Masters Team Building, Mindset Transformation, and GO Mindset Mastery interventions, are specifically customised to your company’s, Team's, People's specific requirements.


Step #1 Present State Analysis and Insights.

We get to the inner workings and Organisational Mindset of your the business to uncover, identify symptoms, limitations, constraints and barriers to higher performance.

Based on the info and research results, we custom design an intervention to suit the specific needs of the situation.

Our interventions consist of a series of expertly facilitated high impact sessions.

These are specifically created, to create inclusion, involvement, engagement, ownership and accountability, giving participants the opportunity to understand their roles, impacts and control  in the results, culture and context.

We guide and develop them in enhancing their skills, knowledge and talents to make powerful, potent and sustainable changes in the workplace.

We also provide post event monitoring, coaching, mentoring and consulting ongoing support to monitor and evaluate the implementation and benefits ensure continued development and sustainability.

The Profound Results of the CLEARx High Performance System

By design we give you visible, measurable results that are observed in sustainable improvements in the workplace, Context, Culture and in the triple bottom lines.

These are supported with Appreciative Inquiry... STOP, START, CONTINUE action plans for moving incrementally and irrevocable forward towards agreed outcomes.

Usual Team and company outcomes include:

  • Trust Levels Enhanced
  • Communication Improved & Open
  • Reduce Absenteeism and Staff turnover.
  • Leaders and managers are able to energize, engage and inspire staff effectively.
  • leadership Improved giving people responsibility, accountability and encouraging Autonomy & Innovation/creativity.
  • Teams connect, collaborate, Synergise and align.
  • Customer Satisfaction and retention improved
  • Increased productivity & Business Results

These are just a few of the benefits from our LIFE-Changing Action-Learning Experiential process that delivers exceptional ROI's.

To discover how CLEARx High Performance Teams process can transform, energise and transform your people, teams, leadership and culture into a high performance- well-oiled, cohesive team - Call Tony on 083-447-6300


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