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It all comes down to 1 big thing…

The RIGHT Growth-Optimised & Resilient Mindset supported by FIERCE Focus and SWIFT Action!

Tony dovale - Inspiring & Motivating Keynote Speaker South Africa

Problem#1: Mental Confusion and Internal Conflict

Most leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with focus and effective action... Because they’re faced with the No#1 enemy to taking action…which creates PROCRASTINATION.

Seeing as you are here, right now, you can:

  • Uncover  your real hidden causes behind your procrastination
  • Find out why you’ve been powerless to escape it until now and
  • Discover the most powerful MindShifting technology and process you can use to transform your MINDSET
  • Discover and learn to apply what you need to do to become a real SMART Action Hero

“Success Ensurance Secrets”

Tony Dovale’s latest book Rethink Your Success Mindset's insights and Wisdoms are now available in a powerful life and business building process…and Action Learning Workshop. This experience includes Tools, Frameworks, and Action-learning process that include:

  • FIERCE Focus
  • SWIFT Action
  • DYNAMIC Destiny
  • Gladiator Activation Protocol - GAP
  • SEAL Leadership Accountability Partner
  • PMR - Pro-Active Memory Revitalization Protocol
Tony dovale - Business Keynote Speaker South Africa

Hey SWIFT Action Gladiator,  Ever Wonder…

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Why Procrastination, Lack of Focus and Non-Action Are The Most Over-Analyzed Problems… BUT Are Still BIG Problems For Most People?

The Reality is most people are "interested" in greater levels of success and achievement, but not "COMMITTED" enough to Focus FIERCEly, to the exclusion of all other time wasting distractions.

MORE Information IS NOT the Solution

Search any book stores for info on beating procrastination and you’ll find thousands of suggestions.  Search for “overcoming procrastination” and you’ll get more than 285,000 pages on google. Have you ever wondered… WHY, with so much information and ideas out there on this success-busting topic… is it possible we still struggle with Focus and action?  It’s because they don’t understand the truth about procrastination, limiting  Mindsets and SWIFT Action blockers!

It’s More Than A Bad Habit

Most people think of their procrastination as no more than a bad habit. VERY dangerous mindset to have because.... Because you will have no idea how far it impacts your lives and possible success… Procrastination impacts most of us. Procrastination is driven by a CORE force most people don’t even know is controlling them. It’s a force so deeply hidden and powerful that it will sap your energy, crush your confidence,  and send you on never ending time-wasting “distractions”, before you ever get to get anything of real value done. what’s more…

Tony dovale - Inspiring & Motivating Keynote Speaker South Africa

You Can’t Escape Procrastination. And Willpower has a short-term limited effect.

All your efforts to change that behavior using “willpower" based methods are doomed to fail.  Think about it. Have you ever bought a book or course on how to beat procrastination? Ever gone searching web sites full of tips to overcome it? Did it work? Why NOT?

There’s a powerful and invisible reason you haven’t been able to beat procrastination.

It’s because you are saddled with a pre-historic part of your brain that drives you to avoid and keep put things off. And you always will be…

Ton dovale - Inspiring & Motivating Keynote Speaker South Africa

…Unless You Know The REAL Truth

I want to show you what it is in my Book and workshops “Rethink your success Mindset”…

If you’re happy with a life of quiet desperation, this Success Ensurance System definitely isn’t for you.

But if you want to change the DESTINY of your life – from settling for whatever you get, to getting exactly what you want – then you definitely want to check my workshops, coaching and information. Because in it I share the truth and open your eyes to the real reason for your procrastination.  I show show you the real barriers standing between you and your power to take SWIFT FIERCELY focussed action And I show you how to eliminate procrastination once and for all and achieve almost everything you want. In short, I show you how to unleash your  dormant potential already waiting inside of your mind and energy system.

Just A Few of the Shocking Realities that IMPACT You

With Tony, You’ll Discover ...

  • If you think that procrastination is nothing more than a bad habit or a character flaw, THINK AGAIN.
  • Find out the truth about what procrastination is really doing to your life…
  • The truth about your “motivation strategy”… Why allowing one of the most universal emotions to drive your actions is a recipe for struggle and failure…
  •  inescapable fates of using the wrong motivation strategy… Fall into the this trap and it will kill your creativity, limit your ultimate
  • Are you suffering from “Destination Distraction Disease?”
  • How internal and external “Frictions” wreak havoc on all your attempts to achieve your goals…
  • Find out how seemingly harmless excuses stall your progress
  • Discover the difference between internal vs external motivational forces…
  • Why trying to fix what conventional wisdom says causes your procrastination won’t help you in the least
  • EXPOSE The procrastination secret hidden within Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Human Needs”… 
  • How to re-frame everything to Inspire, energise and Activate your GO Mindset
  • The TWO WORDS you use that are keeping you Stuck

Still With Me?  Great....Then Here is What I Want YOU To Decide..and Action RIGHT NOW!!


Are you truly Ready to make a shift from "INTERESTED" to COMMITTED to ENSURING GREATER Success in EVERY area of your life?

It’s only goal is to help its members…

  • Grow their businesses as fast as possible…
  • While investing the absolute minimum in time, effort, and money…
  • By giving them superior, cutting edge strategies tactics, insights and ideas…
  • So they can make themselves and their business better, smarter and more profitable…

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I’ll Absolutely Guarantee Your Satisfaction

I stand behind all my work 110%. Take 30 days from the day you sign up, to go through all the resources you’ll get access to with your membership. If the ideas, the content, the strategies, the exercises and the takeaways don’t absolutely blow your mind… Just let my customer care staff know. They’ll refund your initial membership fee with no questions asked. And you can get on with your life ….

It’s Your Choice!

  • If you’re tired of struggling with feelings of self-doubt, a lack of confidence or an inability to follow through…
  • If you’re sick of constantly worrying as simple challenges transform into hazards that have to be avoided at all costs…
  • If you’re fed up with panic and fear being your default response to taking any action and blocking you from getting anything done…
  • If you’re through with disappointment and frustration being the outcomes you automatically resign yourself to, no matter how simple or important your goals…
  • If you’re ready to stop putting things off, start taking action and achieving everything you want from your business…

Then you need this report now.

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WOW, I read a few lines of your Rethink Success Book, and my life has changed already!

I was going through a rough patch, confused and all over the place.  But now I know what to do now.

Thank you so much. Can’t wait to buy all of your other materials.  Can you be my mentor? I know I haven’t met you but I like the way you think. Thank you SO much!!  Wendy Thomo – Performance Management Officer (HR)


Yes. You are correct when you say true success is beyond the money.

There was a time in my life where I had everything. I was at the top of my career. Even though I had it all.  I felt  lonely and dry most of the time….

I realised that success for me is firstly having a perfect relationship with GOD, people, living a good, balanced life and loving what you do.

I think money only makes life run smooth once the proper foundation is in place otherwise it’s just a pointless, lonely road that leads nowhere.

Are You Ready to Be in The Top 10% Success Tribe?

 Dynamic Destiny

Most people chase MONEY or MEANS goals.... BIG MISTAKE!!! If you chase means goals you will end up wasting your life... guaranteed! Our Destiny, Cause and Calling Process ensures you create REAL Fulfilling life validating Success in ever area.


In order to ensure greater levels of Success we provide a process and a framework that ensures that you focus FIERCELY, and that you take regular, incremental SWIFT action to irrevocably move you forward towards your REAL goals, and dreams.

SWIFT Action

Action for action's sake is a waste of your resources: Time, energy, money. Our Gladiator Activation Protocol and Fierce Focus, combined with Your DYNAMIC Destiny Framework become the foundation of creating REAL success in ever area of your life.

Are You Ready to take action with Formula WON to ENSURE REAL SUCCESS?register_now


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Tony Dovale's LifeShift Formula WON is the Most Powerful Mindset REWIRING, Identity RE Programming, Re-engineering and Rejuvenating Foundation YOU can ever Have to Create Greater Success in EVERY Area of Your Life & Business

Tony Dovale (SOHAW) For Tony, True Success is not about titles, position, possessions or power. It’s about living with Integrity, connecting with Love, and doing POSITIVE business and GOOD, in a way that supports flourishing and thriving for all. Corporate Soul Surgeon:  Tony, is the mindset shifter and cage-rattler, because he shifts perspectives, transforms Mindsets and explodes results. He is called the “Soul Surgeon” because of his deep personal transformation and GO Mindset coaching, that fully re aligns your Identity with who you truly are.... because that unleashes your potential. Tony’s approach is experiential, action-learning, practical…with international certification in The Science of Happiness at Work, Tony fuses real-life experience, wisdom and stories, to take you to the Next-Level of possibility. Tony has served as a coach, consultant, facilitator, speaker, and Success Activator for many organisations across the world, where he’s created 2x to 4x results through his High Performance Mindset Systems.


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