Ensuring Entrepreneurs Thrive In Tough Times By Reversing Learned Helplessness.

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The biggest area of challenge for new Entrepreneurs is AWARENESS of Learned Helplessness impacts.

Awareness and Self Management for greater Mindfulness, Resilience, Happiness and Psychological Capital is a vital component of the entrepreneurs mindset and ensuring that their spark of possibility is nurtured until it becomes strong enough to be self sustaining and unstoppable.

The biggest challenges new entrepreneurs face, all come from the inside. Invisible, impactful and involved in every second of their lives, the entrepreneur's deep mental programs. Brain focus, and thought-viruses silently control focus, feeling and action. Plus Learned-Helplessness creates invisible limits and blockages that constrain and limit success.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey.  Unless the person has a RESILIENT approach as opposed to just a positive approach, they eventually will succumb to their own negativity, and relentless limiting self-talk and self-questioning. this will in turn embed even deeper more pervasive levels of Learned-Helplessness.

There is a reason why 90% of business fail in their first 5 years. Most people cite CASHFLOW as the primary cause. This problem is that cashflow is a SYMPTOM, and not the primary causal factor for entrepreneurs going insolvent.  The primary cause is Learned Helplessness and failure to stay focused, resilient, firm and proactive in ensuring:

Sufficient sales (fear of rejections compounds avoidance)

  • which includes leadership, delegation, focus, Presentation, Promotions etc

Collection of monies

  • which includes avoidance of any form of potential loss, conflicts or personal rejection

These are all internal mindset issues that need to be constantly developed and enhanced to create a strong and stable foundation for the entrepreneurs to be able to manage others, lead well, Inspire all, stay proactive, resilient, agile, flexible and influential, and keep sales going and growing.

The REAL issue in creating and growing successful entrepreneurs begins with building the right FOUNDATION.  This means the right Personal IDENTITY, Mindset qualities, attitudes, beliefs, values, thinking-styles and self talk.  Only when you have a strong, stable and suitable (Fit for Entrepreneurial Purpose) FOUNDATION can you begin to build a tall and successful destiny, cause and calling...

The REAL reason that 9 out of 10 business or entrepreneurs fail at creating and maintain a viable business is hidden way in the foundation of how well entrepreneurs mindset works, and how think, feel, act, reaction and response...  Its time to move beyond just SKILLS set training.. a highly skilled person with a bad attitude and wrong mindset will never make a successful long term self sustain entrepreneur.  In the new world of business the softer skills and more agile and responsive mindsets will help ensure greater success.   Basic skills will get an entrepreneur on the business field... the right mindset will keep them there for a long and prosperous time.



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