Congratulations Action taker!

Get the details to BEcome FEARLESS and More Successful...with Tony's LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance Foundation System

Discover the BEST and most potent Life & Mindset Secrets that...Accelerate and Ensure your foundation for Greatest Success, health, wealth, and happiness, in every area of your life.

Make Yourself more... REAL, READY, ROBUST & RESILIENT! And 7x MORE VALUABLE. Build a Life Foundation for creating outstanding Results, in every area of your life.

Lifeshift FORMULA WON Success ENSURANCE system covers the 6 VITAL LIFE Areas!

Based upon over 45 years of research and development, and in excess of R12 Million investment in time and money.  Take yourself to the top of your game in all areas of your life, with the LIFESHIFT Foundation system:

  • MINDShift

  • HEARTShift

  • HEALTHShift

  • WEALTHShift

  • LEADERShift

  • ActionShift..

all designed to give you a game changing foundation... to transform your mindset, self mastery, meaning and momentum... forever.

IF you are going to go BIG...
you had better have a strong enough FOUNDATION to get you there,
and keep you there!

Finally....Accelerate & Achieve REAL Success.


Based upon 45+ years of research, testing and development, we now share the MOST POWERFUL personal development approach, philosophy, and tools, to take your life UP to the next levels...

Tony Dovale - The Success Activator

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