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Rewire Your Mindset for Rapid True Success with a GO-Mindset - Success Activation

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Why enter a RACE to come SECOND, When We can ENSURE SUCCESS!

Come Along and Tune-up Your Soul Surgery Success Ensurance "Ferrari"

LifeShift formula Won Success Ensurance

LifeShift formula Won Success Ensurance


A Mindset "Rewire-to-onfire" program designed to coach, guide, Mentor, ACTIVATE and inspire SWIFT Action to support you to Rethink, Rewire and Refocus a Growth Oriented, Success Ensuring, Mindset. This new GO-Mindset creates SWIFT Actions and massive REAL Results through Fiercely focusing on ENDS Goals.


Whether you are employed, self employed, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Leader or boss; this Action Learning Process will shift your thinking, reprogram your mindset, and move you to a new level of consciousness, clarity and fierce focus on TRUE success.

The LifeShift Formula Won Success Ensurance System will help you Rethink Success, become clear on your destiny, fiercly focused and highly disciplined with SWIFT Action to ENSURE your SUCCESS in every area of your life.

Transform your MINDSET the 6 Areas of True Success

“A Dynamic, Powerful, Profound, Holistic Coaching/Activation Program that Drives Fiercely Focussed SWIFT Action and builds your Growth-Oriented Mindset to begin to create and ENSURE TRUE SUCCESS in Weeks!”

WHAT YOU WILL Gain & How You will GROW

  • Mindset techniques that work
  • Why Motivation is Wasting your time and money
  • Simple Mindset Mastery Tools to transform your happiness, joy and peace
  • Thinking, Feeling and SWIFT Action Mastery
  • TIME: Move Beyond "Motivated" to Transformed, Inspired,Meaningful, and Enlightened
  • WHY and HOW your MEANS Goals can inspire you or your staff/team
  • How to dramatically improve your "ENDS" Goals results

Build your GO-Mindset: Embed, Rewire and SWIFT-ly ACTION Your Discoveries, Experiences and Learning Each Week

“A Focused Practical Process that will transform your Mindset, Thinking, Actions and Impacts.”

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Success Ensurance PROGRAM

  • Maximum 15 people per Group
  • A Weekly 1 hour Webinar based call
  • Monthly 1 on 1 "GLADIATOR ACTIVATION" calls
  • Work sheets with LifeShift Formula Won System 6 CD’s
  • GO-Mindset + ENDS-Goals + SWIFT Action  = TRUE SUCCESS


Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, LEaders, Managers, Individuals, Network marketers, Executives, 

People Who Want to Explode their Sales 

INVESTMENT : R 14 995 pp ( NB We are not vat registered)

 NEXT EVENT: Date: Weekly Webinar Sessions

Group Size: Max 12-15 people

Call 083-447-6300 or fill in the form


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