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 LifeShift Formula WON - SWIFT Success Ensurance System
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After more than 38 years of research, refinement and testing, Tony Dovale, is releasing his GO Mindset Building, Life-Changing, LifeShift Formula WON Success ENSURANCE system to the public. This includes his potent Emotionetics Energy Healing and alignment process.

The LifeShift process and Action-Learning experience are designed to be a balanced, holistic and truly MindShifting encounter, where you can, now for the first time, go beyond goal setting to Soul-setting.

With just 1 of Tony's proprietary action-ensuring-tools, The Gladiator Activation Protocol, you can now almost guarantee that you will clarify, focus and take massive SWIFT action with Fierce Focus to ensure your success in every area of your life.

People talk a lot about SMART goals.. but that's where they stay... at the level of Goal setters and not Goal Getters!!! We have  a SWIFT Model that takes Goal-Gettng to the next level.

If you are ready to ENSURE greater success in EVERY  area of your life - this is for you....


SWIFT SUCCESS Framework System

S- Strategically aligned  with your Strenghts, purpose, passion and potential. Speak the order desired(Positive focus).

W-win win approach-appreciative positive focused

I - Inspiring, Integrity, Incremental Actions

F- Fun, moving you towards FREEDOM (3 Domains) and FIERCELY focused

T- Transformational, trustworthy & truthfull.


Fierce Focus Framework

F- FOCUS solely on 1 Thing for 20/30 minute blocks

I- INCREMENTAL Activity towards your primary goals or sub goals

E- EXCLUDE all other distractions, Optimum Energy

R - REAL, RELEVANT, REQUIRED to achieve your Souls' goals/result

C - Clarity of value and meaning in the big picture, Choose to do it, Concentrate Mentally

E - Energy – Make sure you have enough of the right ENERGY and be fully Engaged


Gladiator Activation Protocol

The mindset qualities of a Gladiator will help you to focus and take the most effective actions

G - Grit Gratitude, Goodness

L - Leadership, Love, Learner

A - Appreciative Approach

D - Decisive, Determined and Destiny

I - Inspiring with Integrity

A - Action oriented - SWIFT

T - Trustworthy, Transformative

O - Open to learn optimised new actions

R - Resilient, Results focus real relationships.


To get the power and benefits of these potent approaches and ensure greatest success- contact Tony dovale on 083-447-6300




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