Is Your "FREE Lunch" Mindset Keeping You POOR & Stuck?
BE SAVVY...BE COMMITTED.  Invest In ONLY The Best...For Yourself To ENSURE Success.

Stop Stress, Striving and Struggle. Get Unstuck SWIFTLY!

LifeShift is The Worlds' Most POTENT GO MINDSET Developing, Success Ensuring Workshop.

Want GREATER Success In Every Area Of Your Life?


Get SERIOUS About Success...Bust Through Your Limits, Grow Your Success Faster With LifeShift
Formula WON Success Ensurance & Self Mastery -Tony Dovale

I'm restarting my potent LIFESHIFT workshops, after 15 years of extra research. My updated LIFE-changing, Mind-Rewiring, Bust-Through-All-Limits experience, ensures greater success in EVERY area of your life.   I'm ready to share my new and most powerful info and WISDOM that I know about Self Mastery, Consciousness, Success, Achievement,  Happiness and TRUE Success.  The REAL question is ...Are you ready to take control of your own destiny and take massive Fiercely Focused action to ENSURE your SUCCESS? 


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The "right" time will never come. NOW is all you have.


This is a POTENT, PROFOUND, ACTION-Learning, Self Mastery, Mindset and Identity Re-Engineering Experience, That's Been Developed and Refined Over 38+ Years.

It's Actually SOUL SURGERY For REAL Success


Testimonials From People Who Know Tony's Impact Over The Last 3o+ Years.

  • I learnt stuff I didn’t know that I didn’t know in an amazing and fun way. Energy was high, Room was buzzing, Well Done OBI-Wan TonyKenobi! Toast Masters Starcon - Max Kaan(Chairman Hypno SA
  • I expected good…but you delivered WAY more than I ever expected. Awesome result. Lucky –Makro Div HR
  • You’ve no idea of the profound transformation  I achieved from your work. It’s been Life Changing! Mamelo Makro
  • After Tony facilitated a day session with us we almost 4x'd our business to around R800 Million! That’s why we chose Life Masters and Tony again … Because our last session was truly amazing. Deon - IDT
  • TONY!!! ...My experience today was learning to let go of “baggage” that I carried around, and to affirm myself I am new and ready to love myself and give love.– Amazing experience Thanks - Buleng Makro
  • Tony delivered way beyond what we were expecting – John Barker Assistant GM Coca Cola (USA) FIFA World Cup Management team
  • I have seen MIRACLES happen all across the country - Sello MGR HR OPP

Imagine what you could achieve if you shifted your mindset from slow to GO!!

This is for people who are ready to SHIFT beyond "interested" to

COMMITTED to creating amazing results in EVERY area of life.

Success Ensurance Vs Insurance

My LifeShift Formula WONSsuccess Ensurance process has been refined over 35 years of deep dive personal Transformation, Self mastery, Energy work, Consciousness Levels exploration, Emotionetics Healing and creating TRUE Abundance and Success. Time to ENSURE your future.

LifeShift Consists of 6 CORE Areas

  • MindShift
  • HeartShift
  • LeaderShift
  • HealthShift
  • WealthShift
  • SwiftActionShift

Will you value yourself enough to give yourself the gift?


This power-full ACTION-LEARNING weekend process is a profound gift that you give to yourself.

My workshop experience with Tony, was profound, potent and life-shifting on many levels.


CEO, Lynn Baker

Mind-Shifting - Life-Changing

Truly potent, and mindset rewiring for greater Success.  This is an adventure into YOU. A journey of self discovery that will help you CLEAR whats been holding your back. Get the tools, insights and resourcefulness to transform your life forever in every area.

Discover whats driving you and how you can shift up a few gears to achieve your potential.....faster

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90% of people struggle, and never do much to change this... so they end up alone, lonely, eating dog-food. Time to be different. Be BOLD, BE DARING, BE COURAGEOUS...BE SWIFT.

Time to INTELLIGENTLY decide...

average or AWESOME!

Stop expecting "FREE" to get you to your dreams.It's foolhardy.  Maybe that's why you aren't there yet. Get serious. Get control of the your important factor that ENSURES SUCCESS.

Average people get average results -that means... DOG food delight is awaiting you when you retire...if you are "average".

Smart People Take SWIFT, FIERCELY Focused Action to ENSURE They create the results they want in all areas of their investing intelligently.

Truly Successful people and Millionaires know... "FREE lunch" is a fallacy...How about YOU? Ready for SWIFT action that ENSURES TRUE SUCCESS?


Leave your details on the right and I'll get back with full info on this Life-Shifting, Resilience Building  GO Mindset Mastery event.

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Time for Action and FIERCE focus...

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Leave your details here to start your SUCCESS Ensurance adventure with Tony and Life Masters Tribe.


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