Robbin Williams Missed This No#1 Secret of True Success.

The biggest danger you face in striving for your Success

Tony Dovale –

So many people seem to be striving for some kind of success each day… they spend most of their waking hours in a JOB, or struggling along as an “almost” successful entrepreneur.  We know that 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5-10 years. But what we don’t know is how few people are truly happy, satisfied, joyous and healthy.

So what is it you are really looking for; and how will you ENSURE you get it in this lifetime, when 80% of the planet usually fail to do so?

In their efforts to gain success, I’ve seen people take R1000 of knowledge, attitude, energy and a GROWTH-Oriented or GO! Mindset and transform it into their fortune.

I have also observed, with dismay and disbelief, as  others take R100,000’s of resources, skills, attitude, emotions, energy, knowledge and the wrong MINDSET, and dash themselves into financial and emotional self-sabotaged desperation….even death by mental or physical suicide.

It’s not nourishing and it can be avoided.

Through my Life Masters Team Building, Leadership and Wealth Coaching workshops, I have coaxed, coached, cajoled and counseled thousands of leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and success hungry people, striving towards their dreams. I’ve experienced and witnessed all kinds of drama, desperation, devastation, as well as every version of success or failure you can design.


Some of my Success Activation apprentices have gone from zero to net-worth’s of millions and self-worth of billions.  My wisdom from my own journey, as well as my observations of all my research, studies and experiences, I have had, are distilled into this essential CORE 1 Minute Wisdom:

Your potential, ability and propensity, to create true success in all areas of your life, or fail dismally, are DIRECTLY and irrevocably linked more to your:

  • MINDSET: Resilience, Beliefs, Inner Programming, Values & Thinking-styles, Fierce Focus, Swift Action, Growth Oriented
  • HEARTSET: Emotional Agility/fitness, Clarity/Static/Leaks, Fears/Courage, Energy
  • SOULSPACE: Self-Identity, Destiny Drive, Soul State - Soul Purpose

…than it has to do with your knowledge, skills or business education. 

You are wasting MUCH time. Effort and money on workshops and education that will have little value or impact until you resolve….YOUR SoulSpace CORE, before you can create more… in your life.

People self-sabotage themselves business-wise, in a similar manner that they harm their marriage/relationships, or decided to drench their difficulties in alcohol/TV distractions.

Financial anorexia is the direct result of dysfunctional mental programs… And unless you have an effective ANTI-VIRUS to clean and protect your GO Mindset, energy, and state, you will forever struggle and continue to feel stuck, stalled, stagnant and stressed.

Few people truly know, and share, the deep inner understandings and challenges of running a contaminated and virus-filled thinking/feeling MINDSET.

To ENSURE your TRUE Success, and shift past the obnoxious realities and challenges we all face, I’m offering you a revolutionary, profound and powerful way to discover, demolish and transform the invisible MINDSET stuff that’s really holding you back.  Shift from SLOW to GO!...Fast

As Entrepreneurs and leaders, we are a special breed of Soul. We often face formidable challenges alone, because others are expecting us to carry them, and provide ongoing inspiration and answers.  Life can be tough on us… We need the Right Mindset to see us through the life-storms, stresses and uncertainties.

My 1 Minute Wisdom to all leaders and entrepreneurs, stemming from the Robin Williams Suicide shock…is this:

There will be always be challenges and problems. There may be times of financial dread or distress. The ghost of Failure can be a persistent opponent to your actions, dreams and goals. Sometimes all may just seem too overwhelming or lost.


These are the times when you'll deeply question being a leader or an entrepreneur. These are the times you need to do some NEW SUCCESS GO MINDSET Mathematics.

Under pressure, stress or problems, most people will automatically fall back to grade-school thinking, and revert to the MINDSET maths of “2”.  Why is this happening TO me?  This is automatically programmed into most people’s mindsets from birth through school, church, family, friends and life experiences.

Become MINDFULL – Become more aware of your Self-talk. Start stepping back from the stress and overwhelm and the “2-ME” SELF TALK.  Intentionally examine the situation with the right, Growth-Oriented MINDSET; GRIT, Resilience, Agile, Flexible and Flourishing attitudes.

This way you are able to GROW the learning power of your experiences by shifting your victim, fixed-mindset based…of 2 ME, into a resilient, growth-oriented SUCCESS GALADIATOR mindset of…4 ME!

Use “this is happening FOR ME to empower and ennergise you to learn, grow, succeed faster!”

If you consciously embed the shift from 2-Me to 4-Me, into your thinking, feeling and SWIFT actions, you will always be able to come through any darkness, life-storm, struggle, stress, or strife. By reframing the experience, status or situation you gain more control, and a better perspective, which is what Robbin Williams seems to have lost.

We know this to be true.

1. The sun WILL come up in the morning. 2. There is ALWAYS a way to resolve the challenge… Learn, grow and consciously shift up into the 4-ME GO Mindset, energy, attitude and actions.

Sometimes our greatest gifts and learnings come from shifting our failure and “happening 2-me’s” into 4 me’s. (for me)

It is in this manner we are able to ensure that we learn, expand and grow.  It’s only in hindsight, with an attitude of gratitude, that we can enJOY the journey, and move out of fearing the darkness of falling, failing and fright.

Not-succeeding-as-planned is a fundamental part of being an entrepreneur. By expecting to ONLY win 100% of the time is irrational.

You setup unreasonable, fear-of-failing based mindsets and emotional states, which contaminate your every thought, feeling, action and result. – This is the menace of a FIXED Mindset person chasing MEANS-Goals, instead of ENDS-goals.


PROFOUND Secret…Most of the “success guru’s” don’t want you to know.


You can get to your MEANS goals in 60 seconds or LESS, with the right MINDSET!

Shift from 2 to 4 and from SLOW to GO!

Decide to shift up to the next level of resilience and growth-oriented (GO) mindset. Decide today to Shift from a 2-me to a 4-ME!  Start to embrace your past and problems as Achievement Accelerators.

Begin to ask positive framed Appreciative Inquiry based questions that empower, energise and engage your resilient and GRIT mindset. Like “how can I solve this challenge fastest, with integrity, learn more, have fun, and change the world even more, whilst I am at it?”

Gratitude is your gateway to lasting Integrity, freedom love, abundance, peace and Joy.
It is only once you have the tools and the process to clear your INNER static, that you will be able to create the lasting success you are truly seeking.

Shift your Mindset today…

Tony Dovale of is the Worlds’ No#1 Soul Surgeon and Human Alchemist, who’s dedicated his life’s focus to creating a systems and experiences, that rapidly transform Mindsets and Heartsets to ENSURE true success in every area of your life.

To attend a free GO! MINDBuilding Workshop session with Tony – SMS your email to 083-447-6300 or email  with TRUESUCCESS and your CITY, as your subject in the email or sms. – get your free copy of Tony’s newest book Rethink… Your success Mindset.

Tony is an expert author on MINDSETS and REAL  Team Building / Leadership & available for Talks, Coaching, Consulting and Facilitating of individuals, teams and organisations… helping them shift their performance from SLOW to GO!


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