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Welcome to Publish A Book And Grow Rich Boot Camp

We show entrepreneurs how to use a book as a marketing tool. We help you establish a platform that delivers you with credibility authority and publicity which boosts your sales, profits and your profile.

We've published over 300 authors in the last 25 years who have been featured in publications from the Wall Street Journal to Time Magazine. We provide full publishing services and seminars that teach new and experienced authors to boost their income.


Here's what you're going to learn at our Instant Author Preview...

  • You'll discover how to use a book as a marketing tool for instant credibilty & media exposure so you can boost sales & profits quickly
  • You'll discover how to write your book in under 40 hours, get sponsors to cover the cost AND pre-sell copies before it even hits the shelves
  • You'll learn how to get tons of publicity and stand out from your competitors so you can TRIPLE your consulting prices immediately and make MORE sales
  • How to start making money with Facebook marketing by doing the complete OPPOSITE of what your competitors are doing - so you stand out & get prospects chasing YOU
  • You'll discover the secrets of how we sell €1000+ per month consulting / coaching services and how you can too - even if you have NO 'sales' experience
  • NEVER-DONE-BEFORE BONUS: You'll receive over €700 of marketing tools, trainings & gifts FREE just for attending. These gifts include...
  • FREE GIFT: Gerry Robert's "How to Publish a Book & Grow Rich" Online Home Study Course, with hundreds of hours of content and downloads that give you the A-Z of writing and marketing your own book (this has been sold for €600 - yours FREE) You'll be getting these free gifts and even more when you attend the event, all on us.Why would we give all this away? It's simple - you cannot afford to miss this event and all the free insights & strategies that have generated over $100 Million for Gerry Robert.

You CAN succeed. You CAN double or triple your income, and you CAN be seen as the best in your field. But you need to let us show you HOW.

Warning: This is NOT like anything else you've seen. This promises to be the most valuable, important and life changing business event that the country has seen.

Spaces are very limited, and WILL fill up fast. Don't miss this life-changing business event. You can reserve your space in just a few seconds by simply clicking the button below right now.


LIVE Exclusive Instant Author Preview Event!

Aren't You Just Sick And Tired Of Talking About That Book You Never Wrote? Struggling To Create Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Systems That Actually Make You Money? If you are not in sales then aren't you fed up with paycheck to paycheck living? Wouldn't you like to catapult your sales and skyrocket your income?

In this live event Gerry Robert or one of his approved speakers will show you how a book will allow you to...

  • Make more money
  • Sell more of your products or services
  • Find hundreds of prospects
  • Generate many other additional sources of income
  • Get tons of FREE publicity
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Get yourself on radio and TV
  • Make your prospects call YOU
  • Recruit more people
  • Increase your visibility and credibility

FREE Attendance Gift ($32.95 Value)

If you register and are one of the first 50 attendees you will receive a digital copy of Gerry Robert's book "Multiply Your Business - 10 New Marketing Realities To Catapult Your Income". This is our gift to you for attending, FREE!


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