Life Shift Formula WON – The Adventure Begins

Chief Coach, Mentor & Expert Facilitator: Tony Dovale of Life Masters International


Tony is a modern day alchemist, dragon slayer (tamer), resilience expert and life-changing catalyst, who takes your energy, limiting beliefs, blurry perceptions and negative personal blockages, and transforms them into a powerful, positive blend of inspiration, motivation and inexorable Personal Power. Through Tony’s experiential self development workshops and coaching, he will provide you with powerful tools and eye-opening experiences, that enable you to clearly see how you have been limiting yourself, and how you can set yourself free from your self-inflicted mind jail forever.


Overview: The world is shifting at an ever increasing pace. Technology, tools, tribulations and challenges are ever expanding. New insights, new opportunities and new discoveries are taking us to incredible places - Stretching our bounds of possibility and potential.  We can no longer apply old beliefs to new experiences and challenges. Everyone can benefit for a regular tune up and service of their Head, Heart and Soul.


Tony will take you on an enlightening journey and adventure of self-discovery through your very own YOU-niverse. His intention is for your journey to be profoundly uplifting and life-long lasting.


Who:  Everybody who believes that there is more to their life than work…… under pressure.  Specifically aimed at women who wish to rebuild resilience, focus, reduces stress and personal energy loss.  This is also for anyone whose feeling tired, worn out, burnt out, frustrated, stressed or just plain ready for a profound change in life.


Why: We all have reserves of power and capacity that go un-utilised, wasted and stagnate. The LifeShift Adventure gets your energy, insights and thoughts going again. This is your opportunity to upgrade and tune-up your mental operating system. Remove limiting beliefs, blocks, static and anything that’s getting in your way.


Outcomes: Increased EQ and Resilience/AQ factor. Insight into existing mental programmes and limiting beliefs. More energy, passion, persistence and personal power. Increased self-awareness, energy management,


Topics Covered:  

How the Mind Works

  • Thought viruses
  • Power of focus
  • Fear, phobias and blocks
  • Removing old patterns
  • Releasing limiting memories
  • New mental programmes

Power of Life

  • Energy leaks
  • New research
  • Healing
  • Heart power
  • Levels of power

Resilience / Adversity Quotient

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Vs Resilience/AQ
  • New Research on resilience
  • Building your C.O.R.E.

Self Management

  • Emotional mastery
  • Human consciousness
  • Energy systems
  • Smashing comfort zone prison
  • Inner ecology

Mental Operating systems

  • Meaning has no meaning
  • Breaking Limiting
  • Personal Identity
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • memories
  • Emotions

Tools for Transformation

  • Depression b gone
  • Energy is mine
  • Awareness
  • Greater control
  • CORE Resilience



  • Enhanced health
  • Sleep better
  • More energy
  • Stop stress
  • Enhance resilience
  • Greater inner peace
  • Intentional happiness
  • improved self-confidence
  • Strengthened self-esteem
  • New insights
  • finer awareness
  • EFT / Emotionetics Healing technology


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