Learn How To Finally Take Back Control Of Your Life...
Get Unstuck, Active, and FREE Forever!

Once you decide, and ACT, to take back full control of your MINDSET and life using LifeShift Success Ensurance System course, you’ll be on your way to ENSURING greater CONSCIOUS REAL success in every area of your life, with the new potent GROWTH-ORIENTED Resilient and SWIFT Action Empowering Mindset.

This is my very best work on the principles, tools, and processes, of  Conscious True Success.

The ideas, examples and exercises you’ll get are the same ones I use daily in my practice with myself and all of my workshop participants and Coaching/Success Activation clients.

I want to make this choice a very simple VALUE based decision, that YOU only have ONE intelligent Choice… and that is to join our Life Masters Success Ensurance Tribe and begin your Adventure to Truly Transforming Your Life in every area.


Despite the local and international way-out workshop pricing in the R20,000-R30,000 ranges for 2-3 day Talk-at-you shops, where the “guru’s” take home millions for stuff you can read in a book… I know because I have paid some of them those numbers,  I’m offering you a no-brainer deal, where you can invest in yourself and ENSURE in a bigger, better, brighter, future:

Would you be smart enough to invest 1%-2% of your Future Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth to ENSURE TRUE Success in every area of your life? Start to Invest in SUCCESS ENSURANCE today.


“Tester”: Half Day LifeShift Formula WON – Pit Stop

You get… R5,500+ value

  • 6 Hours of LifeShift Foundation Building Audio CD’s

o MindShift     o HeartShift    o LeaderShift    o WealthShift   o HealthShift    o ActionShift

  • Action Learning/Coaching/ Activation  Workbook
  • Mindset Assessment & Strengths Finder Profile
  • SWIFT Success Mindset Book
  • Half Day Action Learning Workshop

Success Soul Surgery offers 48 times to 200 times Greater VALUE

Normal Cost R5,975+           Your low investment R2,975


“I’m committed!” 3 Day LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance Encounter

You get… R28,000+ Value

  • 6 Hours of LifeShift Foundation Building Audios
  • MindShift
  • HeartShift
  • LeaderShift
  • WealthShift
  • HealthShift
  •  ActionShift
  • Full Success Activation System (Coaching on Steroids +Manual)
  • 2 Mindset Audiology Activation CD’s for DEEP inner Limitations Transformation.
  • Assessments: Mindset, EQ, Resilience/AQ, Happiness, Strengths + Full Dashboard
  • Archetype-StalKing Protocol
  • Gladiator Activation Protocol
  • SEAL Ensurance – Swift Action Ensurance Protocol.
  • Rethink Your Success Mindset Book
  • Tribal Leadership Audio CD Education
  • 2.5 Day Workshop: Friday night + Full Saturday + Full Sunday; Action Learning and Soul Surgery Success Activation

Normal R29,500+            Your Special Time Limited Offer R9,995

Success Soul Surgery offers 48 times -200 times Greater VALUE than most self mastery systems.


Your Success Ensurance Decision Is An Absolute No-brainer…

Invest in your GO-MINDSET & Life @R9,995 for 24 high-impact hours of Life-changing, Future-Transforming, GO-Mindset building, BeliefShifting… Success ENSURANCE with an Expert, Millionaire, Mindset and TRUE Success Master.

Special limited Time offer!

Because of the power and process and personal Attention, we can only accept a maximum of around 30 people on this LifeShift Formula WON…NOW.

This is the first time ever, in the history of success and Self Development, that this kind of high power and life-transforming impact is being made available to a small group pf people who are ready and COMMITTED to taking their life, results and success to the next level with Tony Dovale’s Success Soul Surgery.

Paypal button Please be aware, I’m not giving you crappy bonus after BS bonus to try convincing you of the benefit and value.  

Bonuses only add to the mega distraction from your most important focus. You are either READY and COMMITTED to ENSURING TRUE success in your life,…or you will continue to flock to the “hype selling gurus” who will continue to keep you stuck. You decease and ACTION the best wisdom…now.  

Ps When I did my first, truly TRANSFORMATIONL ACTION EXPERIENCE workshop weekend, I got MY LIFE BACK!

I would have paid Hundreds of thousands of rands to achieve that.

I just didn’t know it was possible or available.

After an additional 20 more years of improvement and fine-tuning on that life-giving process,  I have refined the CORE WISDOM to its TRUE essence, ready to share with you now… if you are READY.

My Destiny Statement:

“As a Man amongst MEN, I co-create a world of MORE; Integrity, Freedom, Love, Abundance, meaning, Peace and Joy. I do this by providing Workshops, Talks, Success Activation training, Coaching/Mentoring, Information, and Support, for those who are… Ready and Committed to take SWIFT Action, With FIERCE Focus, to deliver on their Dynamic Destiny and Soul's Goals”

I’m now paying it forward… I’ve invested, spent and wasted millions. so you don’t have to take those same risks. IF you are COMMITTED to achieving your SOULS’ Mission… click on the choice that makes most sense for you now.


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