TESTIMONIAL: I am one of the most cynical people I know. I have always been sceptical, derisive, and dismissive about DIY books, as well as motivational books and coaching.   BUT, I was disregarding the huge lessons that can be learnt from “if it has to be, it’s up to me”—the power of words).

This became clear to me when we were talking about the profound lessons we learnt with Tony.   By the end of Tony's the first session, I was a changed man.   Tony really changed my life!     I will pay it forward." Namaste.   Lufuno R Ndou - Executive Manager: Outreach OPP

Tired of Striving and Striving and Never Arriving?
80%-90% of people NEVER achieve true success in their life!

Tired of just spinning your wheels, or fighting to try to create
greater success; happiness, peace, abundance, and joy in your life?

LifeShift "Success Soul Surgery Offers 48x to 100x GREATER VALUE  Than Coaching"

Discover the MOST Effective & Powerful Way to
Dramatically Enhance Your Success; Wealth, Peace, Prosperity & Happiness, In Every Aspect Of Your Life

Shift From frustrated, stuck, stalled, and stressed, to truly successful, in all areas of your life. Become a "Conscious" Millionaire...fast!

Dear aspiring entrepreneur/leader/success-seekerCD warmware SAD1a Intro Mindshift master my name is Tony Dovale.

I'm the CEO, founder of Life Masters, and the developer of the Formula WON LIFESHIFT Success Ensurance System, for entrepreneurs, leaders, and success-oriented people.

For the first time, I’m making my LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance Process and Growth-Optimised Mindset system available to the public.

I’ve only ever allowed my private Soul Surgery & Success Activation clients to use and enjoy the powerful life-changing benefits over the last 30+ years.

Have you, like so many people, been buying books, attending seminars and listening to audios, in the hope that… somehow, miraculously, something would change your life for the better - automatically or magically?

BUT... the fact you are reading this probably means... it hasn't! What the ‘gurus’ have never told you… is their secret to keep you coming back, workshop after workshop, book after book, to keep you buying from them.

Here is their model...They keep sharing the What-you-should-do and the what-you-could-achieve, and the WHY you should do it. But...your real problem is…Many speakers give good motivation or inspirational advice, which makes you feel good for the moment... BUT does it change your life?  

WHY Have You Never Achieved Greater Success, Sustainably? What’s Holding You Back From Taking FIERCLY FOCUSSED SWIFT Action to Achieve Satisfying and Sustainable Success?



My LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance System is designed to get to your inner core of Self Belief, Identity, Mindset; To find and CLEAR the limiting beliefs, perspectives and paradigms that hold you back.

The process is specifically designed to uproot your beliefs, values and Core Soul Identity, that till now, continues to block your Success.

My LifeShift Formula WON SUCCESS ENSURANCE System is the MOST PPROFOUNDLY POWERFUL SELF Development & MINDSET MASTERY program in the world!


These are the process, tools and systems that I have used to dramatically transform my life in every area…from SLOW to GO. Anyone can achieve true success, if they know these Secrets. Can you relate to any of these blocks?  

  • From FEARfull to Freedom
  • From Broke to Blessed
  • From Lonely to Loved
  • From Helpless to Proactive & Power-full
  • From Stressed to Storming
  • From Wanting to Wealthy
  • From Shying-away to Flying High
  • From Broken to Bounce-Back
  • From Resigned to Resilient
  • From Dawdling to Determined & Directed
  • From punched-out to passionate and Potent
  • From Self Conscious to Self Confident
  • From Aggressive to Assertive
  • From Stalled & Stuck to Fast & Furiously Happy
  • From Nervous to Never Better
  • From Abused and Betrayed to Gritty, Gutsy and A Gladiator
  • From Lost to Lively, Laughing and Loving

Do you know how to protect yourself; Your Mindset, Heartset, Energy, and Consciousness from malicious and dark energies, negative intentions, and mental thought-viruses, that infect and affect your mindset, thoughts, feelings, self-talk, energy and actions?

Do you have an updated and effective "Mindset ANTI-Virus" system?

Do You Know How to Permanently Overcome The
3 BIGGEST Inner Blocks That Limit Your Success?

"I’m not GOOD Enough"
"No-one will LOVE me"
"If I try, I might “FAIL"

Notice that NONE of these core success blockers are based upon more external knowledge, or more business information.

These are your ROOT causes that block 90% of all people's mindsets, Identities, and Souls' Goals and actions.  

Wealth on the outside... must be built from the INSIDE first.

People who are poor on the outside.. have poor or "Stinking" thinking and a fixed mindset, limiting them on the inside.

Most Of Us Are Blocked From Living Our Dreams By
"Invisible Obstacles" We Don’t Even Know Are There!


So, For The First Time Ever, I’m Sharing My Potent
Life-Changing Solution To 95% Of Your Biggest Problem!

My LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance Experience is way beyond some motivational, positive sayings, games and ideas.

By design it is the most potent Life and MindShifting Action Learning.

The Life Masters LifeShift Formula WON is specifically designed, and expertly facilitated, to be a limiting-belief-busting, life-changing, life-giving; Enabling you to BEcome agile, flexible, resilient, Mindfull; so you can grow, thrive and flourish under all situations and circumstances… to BE, Do and HAVE more.

LIFESHIFT Will Completely REWIRE and Transform
our Thinking, Feeling And Actions…FOREVER!

"From Frazzled to FIERCEly Focused"
"From Stalled to SWIFT ACTION"
"From Struggling to TRULY Successful…Fast!"

We have all experienced failure, challenges, problems, suffering and pain.

The primary difference between successful people and the majority of “Unsuccessful” people lies in their Growth-Oriented GO-Mindsets.

This Success Soul Surgery Process is so powerful and effective, that I have to filter out people who might not be able to, or want to, use their new power and energy, for their/our highest good.

Listen To What Others Are Saying From Their Amazing Experiences!

(P.s. – I only exposed them to about 2%-5% of the full power of my LifeShift System)

"You’ve no idea of the profound transformation and shifts I achieved here today. It’s been Life-Changing for me!" Mamelo Makro HR
"After Tony facilitated a session with us we almost quadrupled our business to around R800 Million! That’s why we chose Life Masters again. Because our session was truly amazing". Deon – IDT
"The day began with some apprehension.. How could 1 day change anyone’s lifelong habits/ beliefs? BUT I can confirm attitudes were altered in a most profound and positive manner." Vaneshree SANSA
"Mind blowing! Learnt things that I didn’t know/ wasn’t aware that I was caring / feeling. I left a better and bigger person. Looking forward to a wonderful future." Nokuthele
"The session was a MIND OPENER. I have attended so many sessions in my career, BUT Tony’s process is UNIQUE.  You can apply whatever you have learnt at your workplace and in your personal life."
"Totally LIFE-Changing for me… work relating and Personal. It teaches us how to have a good mind change and how your mind can destroy or build." Nana HSRC
"When I came, I was hopeless about life. BUT NOW, I am empowered, energetic and ready to face the world! I encourage everyone to do this workshop." C. HSRC
"I am now more motivated and it helped me to be stronger and a winner. I definitely recommend this experience to everyone." –Arnguine –HSRC
"This has been a life-changing for us and our organisation. What we’ve achieved is unique, and never before been achieved with any other experience!" -REPSSI Director
>"Tony & Debbie delivered way beyond what we were expecting" – John Barker Assist GM Coca Cola (USA) FIFA World Cup Management.



Introducing LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance!

Uncover, Unburden and Unleash Your Inner Success Gladiator…Today!

glaDIATORGOLD1 LifeShift is the culmination of 38+ years of my research, development, testing and refining into a POWERFULLY potent system that ENSURES true success in every area of your life....FAST I have invested millions of rands in time and money to distill massive amounts of  information, tools,  and “potential”, down into a simple, profound and effective system, for creating a GO Mind-set, IDENTITY, and resilient HEART-set that…

ENSURE You Become a Success Gladiator Who Ensures Success Through SWIFT Action and FIERCE Focus With an Undeniable Dynamic Destiny.


On This Journey & Life-Changing Adventure You Will...
Finally Discover & Release What’s Been Holding You Back.

  • Discover how you can shift your stuck mindset from SLOW to GO…fast!
  • Discover how you can ensure TRUE success in every area of your life.
  • Discover how you can get a GO Mindset that Ensures SWIFT ACTION with FIERCE FOCUS.
  • Discover how you can become super-successful in sales and/or marketing.
  • Discover how you can improve your relationships.
  • Inspire OTHERS to become better people.
  • Discover how you can a BECOME top-notch Speaker/Coach/Leader/Entrepreneur.
  • Discover how you can protect yourself from being manipulated/controlled by others.
  • Learn, Grow and develop in the 6 Major areas required to ENSURE TRUE success

The 6 Core LifeShift areas that you MUST address to ENSURE Your Success are:

  1. MindShift – Your thinking, decision making, and beliefs  - removing thought-viruses.
  2. Heartshift – Your emotional enegy, Static and baggage-  remove limiting blocks.
  3. LeaderShift – Taking charge, Vision, Values and Calling – Clarify Your Destiny.
  4. SwiftActionShift – The SWIFT Action system to ENSURE your success – Take Action.
  5. WealthShift – Money, Rich, wealth, systems, mindsets and process – Build Wealth.
  6. HealthShift – Physical, mental, relationship healthy choices, actions and foundation.


  • You feel like a failure, of have failed before… this Success Ensurance System will energise your Heart; Expand your Mind, Activate your Soul, and transform your thoughts, feelings, actions and Results.
  • Even if you have lost faith in all of the other “Guru’s” time and money sucking systems, Formula Won will transform you deeply from the INSIDE out…permanently!  You will begin to enjoy greater success in your life within 48 hours.

Our Secret Success Turbo-Charger Dashboard


We’ve designed a one-of-a-kind, integrated, incrementally powerful LifeShift process.

This is supported with a unique empowering status and success Dashboard, that shows you exactly where you are, and helps you to decide what  new SWIFT actions to take.

It guides and directs you exactly to where you are going next… NOW!

  • This means that you get to know yourself far better;
  • You understand inner working and prevailing limits.
  • You can turbo-charge your results and success with certainty.
  • you get to be in direct awareness and control of your States
  • You have the power to direct attention, focus and energy.

This Will Absolutely Work For YOU  Because...

  • My Material and tools based upon over 38 years of personal research and testing..

o   …which means You avoid any risks; you save time, money, effort and get stuff that actually WORKS!

  • The Success Ensurance Process is based upon delivering sustainable success from the Inside out,

o   …which means that you avoid wasting time and money

  • Tony Dovale is the designer, developer, Resilience and mindset Expert and facilitator of the entire LifeShift process,

o   …which means you learn directly from the inventor and creator of the system and get the most powerful and impactful information, tools and experiences.

  • LifeShift is designed to create a balanced life-style and cover ALL areas of your life

o   which means that you develop powerfully on all levels- head, heart and Soul

  • Impacts you at a deep BELIEFS level to totally transform your Core Identity, Soul’s Goal

o   Which means we get to the heart of your blockages, challenges and limitations.

Are You Wondering About The Cost?

Right now you should be asking yourself, WHAT'S THE COST…TO YOU ...

  • Of not taking action?
  • Of being stuck, stressed and depressed?
  • Of living with deeply limiting beliefs?
  • Of a life unlived to its fullest?
  • To my family and future happiness?
  • Of losing out on my dreams and destiny?
  • Staying stuck forever and never arriving at your destiny?

If You're Honest, Like Me, You Will Come To value Numbers In The MILLIONS!

In my years of stuck, stalled, stressed, procrastinating, and sick of fighting and striving, I estimate a cost to me directly, in the area of R10Million to R30 MILLION or more! 

If I was awake and aware enough in my youth, I would gladly have given 50% of my potential to finally achieve my goals and dreams.

Tough Question

If I'm going to truly Transform your Mindset, I can't pull any punches. I’ll shoot-straight with you and I’ll engage you you to ask yourself some really tough, but LifeShifing questions.


1. What REALLY stands between you and having what you want?

Maybe the real reason you don’t have what you want is... because you have been reacting and creating your life unconsciously.... instead of consciously creating greater Success by conscious  and intentional DESIGN. Most of the time you are blocking and limiting the success creation process because your unconscious beliefs, messages and negative self-talk  have sold you a BIG FAT NO!!

BUT Beware because I still see silly people…

  • Squandering R10,000 per 30 minute coaching sessions with a coach being paid R700/hour
  • Buying books, attending workshop, but never taking incremental, consistent, focused ACTION!
  • Complaining about their circumstances, but never shifting their mindsets.
  • Hoping that their fairy-god-mother/knight in shining armor, will come along to save them.

WHO is This For? 

Everyone who is committed to creating real or TRUE success in EVERY area of their lives .wants to be successful.  

People who are at a ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to create significant success.

"This was life-changing for me!" – G Petlele Coca Cola SA FIFA World Cup Management

“The last day of my Phoenix Adventure rates as one of the 10 most amazing things I have ever done” -Patrick D

“In every possible way it touched every point in my life. 10 out of 10. Workshop leader, Tony, was awesome” – Zelda People Placement Co

"The workshop helped me to find myself and to love myself. I know I can go higher" - Belinda

"MY “LOVER” SAYS I MISS YOU!!! I would like to thank you for the wonderful knowledge you have given to us about how to stay free in life.  My life has changed forever, I am a totally new person now - I am happy today because of you and I will teach my kids to live their lives free." Bethusile Nyalunga

"This was not only a workshop but a life-changing experience for me. 100% impact on my life." –Keitumetsie -OPP

"It transformed my life – I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I’m energized and ready to live my life with a positive attitude." (OPP)

"I was able to unlock long-locked doors in my life. WAS BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS!" – Dumisani OPP

How To Finally Take Back Control Of Your Life... And Get Unstuck Forever!

Once you decide and ACT to take back full control of your MINDSET and life using LifeShift Success Ensurance System course, you’ll be on your way to ENSURING greater CONSCIOUS success in every area of your life with a new GROWTH-ORIENTED Resilient and Action Empowering Mindset. 

This is my very best work on the principles, tools, and processes of  Conscious True Success.

The ideas, examples and exercises you’ll get are the same ones I use daily in my practice with myself and all of my workshop participants and Coaching/Success Activation clients.



I want to make this choice such a simple VALUE based decision, that YOU only have ONE intelligent Choiceand that is to join our Life Masters Tribe and begin your Adventure to Truly Transforming Your Life in every area.


Despite the local and international way-out workshop pricing in the R20,000-R30,000 ranges for 2-3 day Talk-at-you shops, where the “guru’s” take home millions for stuff you can read in a book… I know because I have paid some of them those numbers,  I’m offering you a no-brainer deal, where you can invest in yourself and ENSURE in a brighter future:

Would you be smart enough to invest 1%-2% of your Future Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth to ENSURE TRUE Success in every area of your life? Start to Invest in SUCCESS ENSURANCE today.


“Taster”: Half Day LifeShift Formula WON – Pit Stop

You get… R5,500+ value

  • 6 Hours of LifeShift Foundation Building Audio CD’s

o   MindShift o   HeartShift o   LeaderShift o   WealthShift o   HealthShift o   ActionShift

  • Action Learning/Coaching/ Activation  Workbook
  • Mindset Assessment & Strengths finder Profile
  • Rethink Your Success Mindset Book
  • Half Day Action Learning Workshop


Success Soul Surgery offers 48x to 200x Greater VALUE

Normal Cost R7,500+                                 Your low investment R3,975 






“I’m committed!” 3 Day LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance 3 Day MindShifting Encounter

You get… R28,000+ Value

  • 6 Hours of LifeShift Foundation Building Audios
  • MindShift
  • HeartShift
  • LeaderShift
  • WealthShift
  • HealthShift
  •  ActionShift
  • Full Success Activation System (Coaching on Steroids +Manual)
  • 2 Mindset Audiology Activation CD’s for DEEP inner Limitations Transformation.
  • Assessments; Mindset,EQ, Resilience/AQ, Happiness, Strengths + Full Dashboard
  • Archetype-StalKing Protocol
  • Gladiator Activation Protocol
  • SEAL Ensurance – Swift Action Insurance Protocol.
  • Rethink Your Success Mindset Book
  • Tribal Leadership Audio CD Edu kit
  • 2.5 Day Workshop: Friday night + Full Saturday + Full Sunday; Action Learning and Soul Surgery Success Activation

Normal R29,500+   Your Special Time Limited Offer R9,995

Success Soul Surgery offers 48x-200x Greater VALUE

Your Success Ensurance Decision Is An Absolute No-brainer…

Compare the value of… Paying R10,000 for just 30 minute coaching (with a coach who is paid R700/Hr) OR 48 Times (4,800%)  BETTER VALUE Investing in your GO-MINDSET & Life @R9,995 for 24 high-impact hours of Life-changing, Future-Transforming, GO-Mindset building, BeliefShifting… Success ENSURANCE with an Expert, Millionaire, Mindset and TRUE Success Master.

Special limited Time offer!

Because of the power and process and personal Attention, we can only accept a maximum of around 30 people on this LifeShift Formula WON…NOW.

This is the first time ever, in the history of success and Self Development, that this kind of high power and life-transforming impact is being made available to a small group pf people who are ready and COMMITTED to taking their life, results and success to the next level with Tony Dovale’s Success Soul Surgery

Paypal button 3d cover stack softcover Please be aware, I’m not giving you crappy bonus after BS bonus to try convincing you of the benefit and value.   Bonuses only add to the mega distraction from your most important focus. You are either READY and COMMITTED to ENSURING TRUE success in your life,…or you will continue to flock to the “hype selling gurus” who will continue to keep you stuck. You decease and ACTION the best wisdom…now.

  Ps When I did my first, truly TRANSFORMATIONL ACTION EXPERIENCE workshop weekend, I got MY LIFE BACK!!! I would have paid Hundreds of thousands of rands to achieve that. 

I just didn’t know it was possible or available. After an additional 20 more years of improvement and fine-tuning on that life-giving process,  I have refined the CORE WISDOM to its TRUE essence, ready to share with you now… if you are READY.

My Destiny Statement:

“As a Man amongst MEN, I co-create a world of MORE; Integrity, Freedom, Love, Abundance, Peace and Joy. I do this by providing Workshops, Talks, Success Activation, Coaching/Mentoring, Information and Support for those who are… Ready and Committed to take SWIFT Action, With FIERCE Focus to deliver on their Dynamic Destiny and Souls's Goals”

I’m now paying it forward… I’ve invested, spent and wasted millions. so you don’t have to take those same risks. IF you are COMMITED to achieving your SOULS’ Mission… click below on the choice that makes most sense for you now.


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