The Easiest Way to Keep your Clients Committed, Loyal, and loving their lives in a long-term relationship.

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Current Challenge

Growth-Optimised Mindsets Matters MOST for Your Success!

The main problem that we see in these current tough times, is that MINDSET is the driving force for all REAL Success: happiness, health, relationships, Money-management, well-being, and winning. 

But research, and people’s results, proves few people have the requisite mindset that ENSURES their Success, in short and long-term.

Far too many people are struggling desperately, with little guidance or support to change their suffering.

As an INSURANCE company, clients spend money, every month, with you, to “insure” their valuable stuff.  

So consider that at the end of a 10 year period of paying for “INSURANCE”, with you, they will have spent X R100,000’s. Many into the millions!

But, what will they really have in their hands from having spent all of that money?

Nothing more than they started with. They already had their STUFF.

So there are no real powerful reasons for loyalty, connection, belonging, trust, referral, retention, appreciation, etc…

Thus your clients are open to being poached by competitors, shopping around, or being disrupted.

What’s missing? Where's the Opportunity?

INSURANCE IS purely Passive..


With the one side of the deal is INSURANCE, which is fear of loss based, and need for “protection and loss avoidance.

But the missing component of a holistic system is the ENSURANCE component.

Solution: Care Enough to INSURE AND ENSURE, Greater Quality of Life, For Your Clients

we are proposing a way to collaborate for the greater good of your clients.

We create a partnership where you continue with your INSURANCE aspects of service of products, property and life… insurance, AND Life Masters, brings the SUCCESS Ensurance Self Development component, to support your clients in achieving a better quality of life.

This is achieved by creating a holistic system for SUCCESS ENSURANCE, as the Value-Add to your INSURANCE system.

Success ENSURANCE would consist of life developing information, and coaching: pdf's, audios, and videos, that are available to your clients (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

Designed to help them to become, and stay, inspired, motivated, awake, aware, positive, fiercely-focused forward, and behaving smartly, with their life, finances, and resources.

Incrementally, and irrevocably, building better mindsets, resilience, soft-skills, and self-mastery, for enabling a better quality of life, and ensuring that they have higher levels of well-being, and winning, more often.

The advantages that we see are that, people will be able to be informed, educated, and inspired, to manage themselves, and their money better.

To manage their finances, manage their spending, and manage their lifestyle, smarter.


Business Benefits:

Reduce the attrition rate due to:

• Financial inability and instability
• Price hunting
• Customer poaching
• Low affinity

On top of these valuable benefits, we believe that this would become a valuable advantage, and client benefit.

This would give you a competitive advantage, to build a much stronger bonds, and expand relationship value, with your customer base.

Increase Service Value and Attractiveness:

This is also an incentive to attracting new clients and keep growing your loyal customer base.  

As times get tougher - clients will shop around more and more, plus competitors will market and sell more aggressively, as they keep attacking your customer base.

Your Expert Partner

As Life Masters, we are experts in people development, coaching, and self-mastery, with over 35+ years’ experience, expertise and wisdom.

We are able to provide customized material and services that would address initial areas of:

• Resilience
• Growth Optimised mindset
• AdaptAgility - Adaptability & Agility
• Happiness levels
• Well-being
• Financial Management
• Self Mastery & Self management / Emotional Intelligence
• Team working & Collaboration
• Self & Other Leadership
• Peer Coaching, and Becoming a Coach
• Other subjects based upon research and relevant need.


All of these subjects can be covered in a NIBBLE-KNOWLEDGE process that will be provided to your clients via:

• Online website
• Via an app
• Audio Podcasts & VideoCast
• Workshops and talks - Live Zoom Coaching Sessions


This would help them to build stronger personal foundations, greater awareness, and a lifestyle optimisation SUCCESS ENSURANCE framework, and system where they can flourish and thrive. 

Imagine... INSURANCE AND ENSURANCE to thrive in tough and uncertain, ever-changing waves of change, and opportunity. 

So, while you continue to INSURE their property, life, and the assets, together, we are collaborating to help support them to have a better quality of life, unleash greater potential, and explore better actions, and bigger opportunities, for thriving and ENSURING SUCCESS in these tough times.



We would love the opportunity to explore potential with you, before we make contact with other potential competitive partners.

Tony Dovale - Chief Success Ensurance Coach


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