Rethink Success: What is your Definition of REAL Success?

How you define Success, as a journey or a destination, is your first step to Freedom, Love, Abundance, Meaning, Peace, and Joy.


What comes to your mind, when you say the emotionally charged word “Success”?

What are the core components of Success?; Money, Wealth, Wisdom, Love, Recognition, Respect, Freedom. well-Being, Happiness?

Whose rules of success are you using? Whose Success  would you want to emulate? WHY?

Who would be your REAL Success Role model? A business person driven by money or a sports person driven by Significance, or lifestyle person driven by VALUES?

Maybe you are motivated and inspired by the motivators and inspirers like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins or Oprah Winfrey?

Whoever we chose and for whatever reasons,  we always seem to look at the top 1% of hyper successful people that make huge impacts across the entire planet. This is a big challenge for the average person looking to create success in their own local lives.  It's clear that are millions of meanings for "success.  Here is a simple model to consider when deciding on creating success in your life.  These are my ABCDs of Success.

  • A=  ABILITY & ACTIONS : Create a shift in mindset, attitude and SWIFT actions that brings change to oneself and others in your space. This SHIFT goes to RETHINKING Success and looks into the INNER landscape of Moods, states, and Feelings. IT gets to the heart of the MATTER: Mindsets.
  • B =  BUILDING Beliefs that Support the creation of something positive in ANY  arena and any circumstances.  We need to Rethink Stress, rethink Leadership, Rethink Business... We must begin to use Appreciative Inquiry and Emotionetics, to focus on the positive instead of the negatives in all areas of our work and life. Approach with a mindset of GROWTH;  Looking at strengths instead of  weaknesses. Looking for the good on others, rather than hunting for their bad side.  Focusing on BUILDING  ensure  we support, uplift and energize others for the greater good of us all.
  • C  = Context  for creating positive Success that supports all. Creating Win Win each situation that we engage with others. RETHINKING LEADERSHIP means creating Value adding Leadership  that supports, empowers and energises others to achieve, experience and have more than what they had before.   This is why RETHINKING LEADERSHIP means you choosing to be the Cause Captain of your shift... to cause things. as opposed to reacting to thje effects of stuff.of )
  • D = DECISIONS that initiate Action. Mindsets that DELIVER results beyond reasons and energise. uplift and enlighten the dynamic of success. Many people are fearful of making mistakes, Making a wrong  decision, so the decided, not to decide.  We Must RETHINK Leadership to create culture of innovation, exploration, creativity and action that supports mistakes, learning, discovery and growth.


SWIFT Action 1 Minute Wisdom:

Clarify and align  your rules and definition of true success clearly in your head and in your heart:

  • Visualizing  and clarify what it means to you
  • Clarify and detail how it will look when you achieve it/them
  • Document your  "dictionary definition" in your 1 Minute Wisdom for Rethinking Success Workbook.
  • Begin with the end in mindset at the start to guide your execution efforts..
  • Activate Your Reticular Activation System by setting an INTERNAL MISSION to ensure you notice all the RETHINK Success opportunities, that might possibly be disguised as problems.
  • Record all success experiences along your Journey. True Success in life is about EXPERIENCES and not ACQUISITIONS.
  • Play the Game, Have Fun, Stay Awake, aware and mindful that your Mindset- Heartset must work together to ENSURE sustained TRUE Success.


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