Moving from Spark to Flame...Towards REAL Success


The simple version….of REAL...Success Activation!

Success Activation is a profoundly powerful and focused process whereby 2 people, in a confidential and safe space, explore new possibilities, plans, processes, commitments and agreements to ENSURE you take SMART action to create 100% Success – Guaranteed! Success Activation is the next level up from Coaching and is 10X more powerful in achieving results.

Its about getting crystal clear about …

  • Where you are right now.
  • Where you want to be?
  • what you want,
  • WHY you want it,

Clarifying means and your ENDs goals…. exploring the simplest ways you can get there, how you can handle and overcome challenges, what steps you should take to start and when Holding you accountable to your word for delivering on your committed actions

And then taking MASSIVE, focused, Smart Powerful ACTION fueled and driven by 2 core deeply powerful forces within your life.

That’s the 1 Minute Wisdom version….

Success Activation is on a 10X HIGHER LEVEL than life or Business Coaching!

  • What Coaching is NOT
  • Coaching is not mentoring (but it enhances mentoring).
  • Coaching is not counseling or therapy (but effective coaching can be truly transformative).
  • Coaching is not consulting (though it is a great value add skill for consultants).

Once you begin to Empower yourself more.. then you have more power, knowledge, skills and ability to empower and support others to achieve the empower others”.

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