MASTER Coaching & Mentoring for SPEAKERS

Full coaching and Speaker Success Activation Packaging R49,750

Speaking is an amazing profession. We get to impact people lives, Share wisdom, inspiration and ideas that can change the world of many people. The challenge is most speakers keep their secretes to themselves to protect their income and business. We believe in being completely different and coming from an abundance mentality. So we are prepared to share all of our secrets with you.

Many speakers in South Africa charge between R10,000 to R35,000 per 60 minute talk. Nice business if you can get it... But can you get ?  We are prepared to become your SUCCESS ACTIVATORS.. to ensure your

Many people gamble with their future. Its way too valuable to gamble with.

Ask me...I WASTED almost 30 YEARS of my life.. getting ready to take action... Always getting ready to make that big break.

But I never did. I kept on talking, but never walking-my-talk..  If I had become a professional speaker 30 years ago. I could have been more visible, more experience, more well known and definitely have made MILLIONS more than I have to date.

This is a fast-track and short-cut to spending or wasting 30 years to finally take action and become an active and professional Speaker and Presenter.

M.A.S.T.E.R Speakers System


  • Mindset & Self-Management
  • Actions Advantage
  • Systems & strategies
  • Transformation & Trust Building
  • Expertise & Exposure
  • Results & Resilience


Speakers Mastery System will contain:register here red

  • 1x 1day Self Mastery Day
  • 1x2 day week ends intensive
    • Speaker Basic Level 1x Weekend
    • 1x2 day week ends intensive
      • Speaker Intermediate Level 1x Weekend
  • 8x bi monthly evening sessions
  • Website, Domain & Hosting x1 year
    • Content & Keynote Talk Coaching & Development
  • Video Channel & Basic Webmaster Training
  • Speaker 1 Sheet
  • Speaker Media Kit Sample
  • Speaker Message & Branding Clarification


Note: for the first 8 people...This includes a 2 Day R12,000 value LifeShift workshop

This will be a powerful foundation for building a brighter future and accelerating your success as a Speaker, Influencer, Presenter and Leader.

To book your place to become a professional speaker - talk to Tony Dovale call 083-447-6300


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