12 Simple steps to ENSURE SUCCESS beyond succe$$.


Everyone one to be successful in some area of life. Many are attracted by the bling and ego of material wealth, not truly understanding the prolem they are creating for themselves.


1 Passion fuels action – know thy self beyond greed

2. Mindset: Resilience & persistence, Play the GAME

3. Meaning & Inspiration : workfun – workafrolic – do what you love and love what you do.

4, Smart Risk: Confidence, Self Efficacy, hope

5. Competence – Be the best

6 Focus – be clear on direction, plan, steps and desired results

7 SWIFT Action: Push through barriers: self, others

8. Serve – add value to more than yourself

9 Creative and ideas – innovate, invent, invite, inspire

10. SoulSpired: Go for true success… beyond just winning

11: Bring Love, Wisdom, joy and peace

12 Make your success a win win for everyone. – legacy

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