I will teach you to live a RICH Life.

SUCCESS ENSURANCE - First Time Ever Public Release.

LifeShift Formula WON... the Most Powerful Mindset REWIRING, Identity RE-Programming, Energy Re-engineering Ever!
This ENSURES that you create GREATER SUCCESS in EVERY part of your Life & Business.

Create REAL Success in EVERY Area Of Your Life & Business, Guaranteed! This goes way beyond information, motivation, inspiration... This Mindset Refinement System Gets directly To The HEART Of The Matter.

7secondsYour Unconscious MIND makes DECISIONS 7 SECONDS Before You CONSCIOUSLY KNOW About it!  So who is REALLY in charge?

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REAL Success Ensurance System

Are you ready for a SHIFT in MINDSET from SLOW to GO?

I created Success Activators because that’s exactly what I want to inspire and empower  you to do — To create more TRUE Success and Well-Being in every area of your life – Grow, Thrive, Flourish and Succeed. If I can.. so can you.

  • Action-Learning: I offer practical, realistic 1 Minute wisdom; LifeShift strategies to shift you out of your comfort zone and get you focus Fiercely and take SWIFT  action towards a dynamic destiny that ensures Greatest abundance, satisfaction, happiness, peace and joy.
  • MindShift: I’ll challenge you to shift your thinking, take SWIFT based actions, and create new empowering SELF-identities, beliefs,  behaviors and habits so that you can  create more true success in every area of your life and business.
  • Dynamics Destiny: I guide you to CLARIFY your passion and FOCUS FIERCELY to take SWIFT Action every day to ENSURE your Success.
  • GO- Mindset: I coach and Activate you to examine your MINDSET and Life Story, We give you the tools, context and experiences to transform your MINDSET  which changes how you interact, impact and inspire yourself, and others you love, to achieve results beyond your old limitations.
Tony dovale - Inspiring & Motivating Keynote Speaker South Africa


WOW, I read a few lines of your Rethink Success Book, and my life has changed already!

I was going through a rough patch, confused and all over the place.  But now I know what to do now.

Thank you so much. Can’t wait to buy all of your other materials.  Can you be my mentor? I know I haven’t met you but I like the way you think. Thank you SO much!!  Wendy Thomo – Performance Management Officer (HR)


Yes. You are correct when you say true success is beyond the money.

There was a time in my life where I had everything. I was at the top of my career. Even though I had it all.  I felt  lonely and dry most of the time….

I realised that success for me is firstly having a perfect relationship with GOD, people, living a good, balanced life and loving what you do.

I think money only makes life run smooth once the proper foundation is in place otherwise it’s just a pointless, lonely road that leads nowhere.

Are You Ready to Be in The Top 10% Success Tribe? We Help You UpgradeAnd Rewire The #1 Thing That PREVENTS You From Ever Reaching Your Highest Potential...!

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