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7x Your Value with Formula WON Weekend Workshop July 24,25,26


Calling All Success-Oriented People Ready For REAL Success.

You spend money on INSURANCE and get very little for it. But now you can truly invest in yourself to ENSURE GREATER Success.  Time to get your “Ferrari” or "Rolls-Royce" of Success Ensurance.


  • Testimonial: Tony’s process enabled me to rid myself of emotional baggage that I carried for years! I am NOW FREE!! Nombeko Mbava SANSA
  • Testimonial: “ABSOLUTELY AWESOME are the only 2 words I can use to describe the feelings, thoughts and energy experiences that I experienced” – Darryl
  • Testimonial: “In every possible way it touched every point in my life. 10 out of 10. Workshop leader, Tony, was awesome” – Zelda Psychologst People Placement Co.


Get the FEELING NOW...

Take a moment and imagine how you would FEEL, if you were at your very best in every area of your life… finances…business… relationships…family… hobbies… passion, joy and contribution. Get fully into the feelings & the picture. Now, why exactly aren’t you there yet? Your answers are not in a book or motivational talk!

What you will Gain...

In my one-of-a-kind potent Life-Shifting weekend action-learning experience you will grow yourself in the most important areas to ensure a truly success-FULL life.

  • MindShift – Your thinking style, decision-making, beliefs - removing thought-viruses and building Psychological Capital and IDENTITY Re-engineering your GO Mindset.
  • Heartshift – Your emotional energy, Static and baggage- remove limiting blocks, hidden beliefs, Rewire a Resilient Heartset and Mindfullness.
  • LeaderShift – Taking Charge, Vision, Values and Calling – Clarify Your Destiny. Courage, Commitment and values alignment and clarity.
  • SwiftActionShift – The SWIFT Action with FIERCE Focus system to ENSURE your success – Take Action on Ends goals and develop triggers for success.
  • WealthShift – Money, wealth-building systems, mindsets and process – Build Wealth an REAL success. Proactive Memory Rewiring (PMR process)
  • HealthShift – Physical, mental, healthy choices, actions and foundation. PH levels, Energy Management making sure your “vehicle” (Body) is in great shape.


You Will Learn:

1. The top five values most truly successful people live by
2. What it takes to create true freedom and happiness in your life
3. Self Mastery Secrets from the best in the world
4. How to ensure greater success in every aspect of your life
5. How to protect yourself mentally, Emotionally and Energetically.
6. The real secret to a happy, healthy and Wealthy Life-style
7. The secret most guru's don't want you to know.
8. And so much, more to help you ENSURE greater REAL Success!


My 1 Minute Wisdom for Ensuring Success

One of the most valuable lessons I learnt about creating greater success and wealth…

is it’s impossible to compete and create at a professional/ millionaire-maker level, with a cheap or “budget” MINDSET.  It was my biggest limitation and stumbling block to ensuring greater Success in my life.

Step Up To Be A Success Gladiator and ensure your Success– Decide today … average or AWESOME!


Price Vs Value:  This’s exceptional value @R2,995 instead of R20,750!

I recently paid R20,750 for a 3 day workshop just on speaking skills. About half of the workshop was a total waste! Big cost, only “fair” Value… So I’m offering this entire LIFESHIFT GO Mindset Mastery weekend at the special R2,995. The real value is 100x that investment…You decide if you’re worth the investment.
“The GAP between WHO and WHERE you are, and WHO and WHERE/WHAT, you want to BE, DO and HAVE… is only crossed by a new resilient, growth-oriented mindset/Identity, supported by FIERCELY focussed, massive and SWIFT Actions.”Time for a GO Mindset and new IDENTITY that ensures your success!

I’m accepting a small group (max 20) of like-minded success-oriented people to be my latest Success Gladiator Activators & collaborators, as I finalise my most potent material developed over 38 years. In exchage for this deal, I’m asking you to give me honest testimonials, and become my Life Masters Tribe Success Ambassadors to help me get this new LifeShift Success Ensurance /GO Mindset out into the world.

Life-Changing and Life-Giving.

This is a Friday night, full Saturday and full Sunday. It’s the start of an incredible new adventure into potent self mastery. I will give you the tools, processes and experiences to build a new IDENTITY, MINDSET and SWIFT action-strategies to make you 7x more valuable in your business & enjoy TRUE success in all areas of your life.


Details of the Life-Shifting Event… Just R2,995 (50% off)

  • Days: Friday 6pm-10pm, Sat 9am to 9pm, Sunday 9am to 5pm.
  • Venue : Johannesburg North / Sandton
  • Early Bird: R2,995 (R5,975 normal) (Cash, Card or bank deposit)
  • Per Couple: R4,995. (Cash, Card or bank deposit)
  • Deluxe Option – Add-on materials for Just R565 (75% reduction)

I will include my deluxe LifeShift Foundation 6 CD Set plus workbook, plus my SWIFT Success book (on memstick), plus surprise audio, which all usually sells for R3000.

So just R3,560 gives you the DELUXE “I’m Fully Committed” early bird deal.

PLEASE Contact Tony now on 083-447-6300 to reserve your LifeShifting MINDSET mastering seats.

  • Successful People Take SWIFT action… How about you?


Ps if you think money is the solution to your lifes' greatest success and happiness.. you are sadly misguided by the greeders. These is something much more valuable, powerful and long lasting.


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