Core Values Of The  Success Activators Revolution & Tribe


Value #1 FAMILY

We choose to create a tribe like a family. This means we support and grow better together for life.

You are welcome to our Success Activators Tribe when……you commit to living the life that your Soul came here to live;

…you commit to living the life that your Soul came here to live;
…you commit to leaving a legacy that represents your time on earth for generations to come.

This is your Success Ensurance home. We make a choice to be family. We check in on family to support one another, to see how each other is doing. Family commit themselves to support and encourage each other’s success.

Value #2 – TEAM:

WE is better than Me

We have a “we” Mindset, not a “me” Ego Focus.

This experience and tribe is made for us – Me, you, we, them and us.We all are powerful catalysts and collaborators who SPARK to starting a life change revolution in our own lives, our communities, our countries, and the world. We are people who are passionately committed to having a profoundly positive impact wherever possible. We equally choose to inspire each other to actively pursue our  goals and greatness.


We are GLADIATORS with powerful Destinies, Causes and Callings in our Soul.

We own the energy of a Gladiator. With courage, commitment and competence we engage in daily actions to bring to life our Soul’s Destiny, Cause and Callings.  We embrace Challenges, problems and failure are experiences ON the way to glorious success.   We never stay down - We never say Die - We never give up… for we choose to be Gladiators of Light and Love.


All actions are strategically aligned

We understand life offers many distractions and divergences. We focus our efforts and action strategically on plans and goals that bring us our most desired END Results: Better Feelings.


We focus on predominantly leveraging our strengths.

We understand it’s easier and smarter to use what we have right now: Strengths, talents and passion, as opposed to trying you fix our weaknesses. We don’t ignore weak areas, we just optimise resources and resourcefulness to achieve results with what we have available RIGHT NOW

Value #6 WIN WIN

Actions and decisions are based upon a WIN-WIN approach.
We use collaboration as opposed to combat and kill the competition.... this is the foundations or our approach to life and business where we create success and a better life for ALL. The only way to turn dreams into reality is by taking actions that are STRATEGICALLY aligned and vital to achieving our main plans and goals.


Honour Guides All Decisions and Choices

Success without Love and integrity is a hollow and cold win. We believe in collaborating and serving from our SOUL’s perspective – This means everything we do is based upon fairness, honesty, integrity and love.

Value #8 FREEDOM

Daily We Are Working Towards Freedom in 3 Core Domains

Time, Money and Relationship Freedom is a strong driver of our actions.  A sane balance of free time and enough money. , Win-Win, Inspiring and Incremental, Freedom Building and Fun, Truthfully, Trust worthy and Transformative impacts.

Value #9 FUN

Fun Fuels Us Through Fear, Failure and Tough Times To Achieve Freedom.

To empower and energise us at being all that we can be… we ensure that fun, laughter, and a light-hearted mindset are the foundations of all endeavours.  We ensure that fun fuels the drive for Freedom: Time, Money, Relationships. We live to enjoy life every day.

Value #10: TRUST & TRUTH

Trustworthy, truth and honesty are the foundation of our good character.

All the money in the world is nothing if you have lost your good name or your word counts for nought! Trust is the attractor and underlying fabric that holds us together as a tribe.


We are Transformers.

All of our efforts and actions are aimed at healing, transmuting and transforming, like Alchemists, everything that is heavy and dark, into light, love and worth. We use transformation to create the absolutely best version of ourselves

Value #12 LEGACY

We’re Committed To Living, Learning, Loving, Laughing, and Leaving A Valuable Legacy.

A life well lived, and a legacy well willed, is the goal of a loving Soul.  We are focussed on leaving a wealth of Wisdom and Regenerative Resources for the future generations. We understand that we have been wasting scare resources (Natural and time) – but it time for this to change.  We leave a legacy beyond money.


The real failure is in never starting or doing.

You have a simple purpose here on planet Earth.  Bring more Love, Wisdom and Peace…in your own way. Through your actions lives will be impacted – potential will be created to solve mankinds’ greatest terra-threats. The only way that any of this can happen is if you get up, every single day and hold yourself accountable to your own REAL success...beyond just more money. Failure is part of on the way, not in the way. It’s the stepping stone to accelerated results and real success.

Value #14 WISDOM

All Souls Bring Their Own Wisdom.

Every thought, feeling, experience, insight and knowledge you’ve gained on this adventure called LIFE… has value. We respect each persons’ experience, unique perspective and wisdom.

Value #15 RESPECT

We are all Equal as Souls on This Adventure called LIFE.

We each have talents, skills, abilities, insights, wisdom and value to add to the tribe. Respect means that you come from the point that everyone has the RIGHT to think differently. There is absolutely no space for negative or disrespectful thinking. We need to work together for the greater good of all.

Value #16 WEALTH

We Craft Wealth Not Just More MONEY.

We Never value “money” more than “quality of life”. Money is like oxygen – It’s important if you don’t have it. We all have basic needs to fund. Food, clothing, shelter and the basic things that we need to enjoy a good quality of life. The pursuit of being your very best version of yourself, must include Mindset, Heartset, Health, Wealth, Leadership and Positive END Goals. A balance is vital for a full and fulfilling life.


We give our BEST efforts for all endeavours.

It’s pointless to be “interested in success, when it takes your full commitment. It’s crazy to give a half-hearted attempt, when we have the full potential. You are unique, perfect and packed with potential. We are in friendly competition with ourselves to activate our full potential, and beat our personal bests, on a daily basis, in all areas of our life and business.


We All Have Constraints.

Being Resourceful neutralises and overcomes constraints in resources. We never allow excuses and false limitations to block regular and incremental progress. We believe there is always a way to overcome the prevailing constraint with creativity, innovation and determination.


We live in Times Where great Possibility is Pervasive.

The only limits we have is in our minds, identities and thinking. These are mental limitations held in place by ourselves.  We explore and our visioning and push our thinking to embrace new possibilities, far beyond our existing boundaries. “can’t” and “TRY” are not in our consciousness or vocabulary. We live to the mantra – “There is always a way!”


We are leaders our lives and in the tribe community.

We consciously choose to be leaders. We take responsibility for actions and results. We develop personal limitless leadership mindsets and skills.  Within our community we lead a movement of potent and profound life shifting experiences for ourselves and others.


We are creators of more: More Love, More happiness, more light, More trust, more abundance…for a better life for all. Success Activators in our own lives, and the lives of others, who are ready.


Let me ask you this:

Would you be willing to invest in yourself in order to set yourself up for a year of success?





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